Well hello there... my name is Libby and I am the author behind the British Theory, a blog which primarily focuses around the art, feminism and travel, but also not just these things. I'm sure you will find something that doesn't fit into any of these categories...

I currently live in the South-West of England (lots of fields and cows), but plan on getting away in September. My dream is to own a van to live, travel and explore in. One day I'll get there...

Here is my face for anyone who is interested.

This blog was created initially as a place for me to explore fashion, however over the years my interests have changed and now I currently explore many genres throughout my blog, but the main focus has always been on writing about my passions; art, feminism, travel and fashion. But if I'm going to be perfectly honest I tend to just write about whatever I feel inspired by and whatever encourages me to write about so I would encourage you to encounter this blog with an open mind and be prepared to read a variety of articles and posts!

If you wish to contact me in anyway, I have a variety of ways to do so;

  • Firstly you can message me on here by commenting on a post 
  • If you wish to speak to me privately, or you want to ask me something you can email me at: thebritishtheory@yahoo.co.uk
  • Or you can follow me on Twitter
  • I also have a Facebook page which you can contact me on - feel free to like the page as well.
  • I also have an Instagram which you are welcome to follow, I will most like follow you back: @libby_elizabeth


  1. Followed you on twitter for a while, your blog is great. Feel free to follow me back if you fancy!! www.citybxtch.blogspot.co.uk xx

    1. thank u!! I've followed your blog on bloglovin, your blog is great! x


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