Saturday, 17 May 2014

Laura Ralph Designs - Two-Piece || Outfit Post

I don't really know where to start. I'll start with saying how sorry I am for not writing since February… I've just been so so busy with exams at the moment and as much as I have wanted to blog, and believe me I have, I've been trying to make myself focus on revision. And that hasn't gone as well as I hoped. Anyway, I have lots lined up and I'm excited to get back into blogging, so don't worry there is lots to come!

Over the past couple of months I've noticed a large interest in hand-made two pieces throughout the country and I personally fell in love with them from the beginning. I was introduced to Laura Ralph through a friend and in my opinion she is definitely one of the best. Her prints and fabrics are all unique and each one of them is so beautiful interesting, and she recently ordered some fabrics from Uganda which are stunning. There's something so fascinating and unique about Laura's fabrics and prints which makes her clothing and company really stand out, and she also creates trouser-sets as well as the short-sets. Also the fact that they are handmade just makes my heart melt, there's nothing better that wearing something and knowing that hard-work has gone into it, and for about £25 I think you would be mad to not want one! 

You can visit Laura on her Facebook page and she also has her clothing at The Little Deer. I would thoroughly recommend checking out Laura's two-pieces. 

I've also realised that this is my first outfit post so that's pretty exciting. I might start doing more of them (thoughts?!) Also I apologise for my awkwardness in front of the camera - I'm new!


  1. this is such a nice two piece!!!


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